As a Public Scholar & Thought Leader based in Nashville, TN, I work with both local and national organizations, including businesses & C Suite tiers, to help better curate cultural and organizational change with a focus on belonging. Through a REDI lens (racial equity, diversity, & inclusion), I will help you cultivate greater awareness of yourself and your organization or business to help best execute the kind of change you want to see. I often work with a Somatic Expert to help bridge together theories of racial equity with bodily awareness. This work is best done relationally and is often best supported by embodiment practices to help us feel into the work. 

The calling for racial equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging is in the body. Are you ready to chart the path for equitable change in your organization or business? Are you prepared to foster relationships with those who are radically different from you to help create conditions for ethical futures? I would be honored to help facilitate your process for greater awareness and change for another possible world.

With a focus on the values supporting my work, I bring together the values you embody with the work of equity and inclusion and belonging and in conversation and consultation, I help to create a framework for equity and actionable change in your organization or in your daily life. With a focus on small actionable steps, this work can be very rewarding in your organization and in your personal life. I am not here to judge you, but rather I am here to midwife equitable change in your organization that hopefully translates into actionable change in the lives of your employees and better practices of belonging for those who often feel marginalized.

I focus on 1:1 consulting work and group consulting work helping individuals, staff, stakeholders, and human resource officers develop best practices for racial equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 

I offer workshops for your teams that focus on belonging using a REDI lens and keynote talks for large group opportunities. At times, groups and businesses want to offer retreats for their teams, and I am also available to lead workshops that help foster belonging with difference and create conditions for ethical futures for your organization.

I am available in person or by phone/zoom. Please contact me for more information.